Platform to build, maintain and run

Digital Operation in a public cloud

Personal data

Athena stores all application data on the encrypted disk volumes to make sure that all of your or your customer data is not available to a third party without a proper private key.


All connections are encrypted by default using SSL. Private areas of solution are accessible only with a proper client certificate using SSL authentication. Makes man in the middle attack impossible unless attacker can obtain platform user client certificate.

Open Source

Uses industry leading open source products (Ansible, Docker, etc) and standard protocols to avoid vendor specific lock-in and provide full source code audit-ability for enhanced solution security.

Audit, Monitoring & Backup

Secure off-site backup and recovery. Easy out-of-box service health monitoring. Centralised access and application audit logs aggregated and stored in a single repository to allow easy access auditing and issue troubleshooting.

Disaster Recovery

All services are deployed in a resilient, scalable infrastructure in multiple data-centers with automatic disaster recovery enabled by default.

Easy to Extend

Comes out of box with set of pre-configured and pre-integrated easy to install enterprise services (CMS, Document management systems, Single Sign On solutions, etc.). Adding of your own service or infrastructure bit is as easy as writing yet another Ansible role.

Please read platform documentation to get started