The goal of this guide is to accelerate new Proposition Factory developer on-boarding by providing of information about inner workings of the Proposition Factory.

Proposition Factory integrates agile digital layer with existing systems of record and expert systems by providing tooling and methodology of how to configure new digital propositions.

Proposition Factory uses Adapter pattern to achieve this. To achieve maximum agility and best time to market performance Proposition Factory provides right balance of building versus configuring. Adapters are built by developers and then configured by Business Owners.


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Roles and lifecycle

To achieve right balance of building versus configuring, it is necessary to understand how digital propositions are built and what types of users with what roles are involved during the implementation process.

Product interactions, Attribute sets and Adapter configuration

Attribute sets are built by Developers. Adapter support for Attribute sets is built by Developers. Business Owners use configuration tools to combine Attribute sets into Product Interactions and provide mapping to System of Record, Digital Factory and Expert Systems.

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Digital Factory

Digital Factory is used to Create unique Digital Covers, that do not exist in integrated Systems of Record and to fuse together Covers received from one or more Systems of Record into the Digital Proposition.

Digital Cover can either extend System of Record Cover by taking premium calculated as a Base and applying Digital Factors to it or can compliment proposition by covering new Perils by calculating Cover premium from a scratch.

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Dynamic APIs or Backend for Frontend (BFF)

While Adapter APIs are comprehensive and provide all necessary functionality, sometimes it is necessary to apply patterns such as Backends for Frontends pattern to accommodate business or non-functional requirements.

The common case is exposing an API for the Financial product aggregators. Aggregator uses highly tuned clients and structures for minimum latency. It means that Aggregator Client will normally define API contract.

To accommodate this scenario it is necessary to setup API Gateway to support necessary BFF service contract (operations and data structures). In case if API Gateway configuration capabilities are not sufficient API Gateway can be extended with plugins. In case if BFF API can not be setup using API Gateway mapping and plugins capabilities it is necessary to build it.

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Adapter provides a set of Operations that can be consumed using defined Product Interactions and Attribute Sets. Regardless of System Of Record or Expert Systems input and output data structures, Adapter interfaces used by Proposition Factory API consumers are always the same, hence the Adapter pattern.

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Adapter Operations define what functionality can be consumed by Adapter users. System of Record and Expert System Operations define functionality that can be consumed by Adapter.


Routing connects Adapter Operations to System of Record and Expert System Operations. Defines order of execution and basic execution logic.

Attribute Set

Attribute Sets are pre-defined Interfaces that Adapter users can use to access Adapter Operations.


Enumerations define subsets of values that are valid options for a Attribute Set field.

Product Interaction

Product Interaction combines Attribute Sets into definitions of financial products.


Attribute Set and Enumeration is mapped to System of Record and Expert System data structure. In case if Attribute Set or Enumeration has mapping on System of Record and Expert System Operations level, it has higher priority and wil be used instead of System of Record and Expert System mapping.

Attribute Set field values can be set to default values. This will eliminate these fields from Adapter APIs

Adapter configuration

Digital proposition configuration

Setup and manage digital proposition. Define which Systems of Record, Expert Systems and Attribute sets are used in digital proposition.

Routing configuration

Setup sequence and involvement of Systems of Record, Digital Factory and Expert Systems.

Adapter cover mapping configuration

Map Attribute sets to System of record and Expert System data structures.

Digital cover configuration

Create Digital Covers, extend System of Record Covers, orchestrate premium calculation.


Integration with Proposition Factory

Proposition Engine provides Proposition Metadata to external consumers in form of OpenAPI specification. So that Adapter consumers can discover available Operation, Product Interaction and Attribute Set definitions.

Integration with Systems of Record and Expert Systems

Adapter implements integration with Systems of Record and Expert Systems and provides Adapter and Operation metadata of implemented integrations to allow Business Owner to setup routing and mapping.

Digital Factory

Digital Factory provides high performance calculation engine that can be used to create new Digital covers as well as to combine and extend existing GI, Health and Life system covers.

Digital Factory also provides full Digital Cover lifecycle support capabilities, such as storing Digital Cover versions, generation of Digital Cover documentation, etc.

Adapter APIs

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Business process API

Business process APIs are used by business process engines such as Journey engine to control financial product life cycle.

Single view of Customer API

Single view of Customer APIs are used by Portal Mini apps to query Customer product information (such as product documentation, etc.)

Configuration API

Configuration APIs are used by Business Owner to setup Digital proposition.