Command that runs remote athena command in a specified environment.


athena-command [OPTIONS] <command> <command_args>
Option Description
-e, –environment Environment to run this command in.
-h, –help Show built-in help documentation.
-d, –domain Athena public domain.
-o, –owner Owner of the environment.
–verbose Enable verbose output.
-v, –version Athena version to run.
  • <command> - Command to run.
  • <command_args> - Command arguments.


To modify command operations edit command.yml in environment playbook directory.


To deploy Rundeck on another environment (owner - test, name - dev):

athena-command -o test -e dev athena-services rundeck 

To deploy Redmine on another environment (owner - test, name - dev, domain - using a specific version of Rundeck (2.1099):

athena-command -o test -e dev -d --version=2.1099 athena-services redmine