Service management command.


athena-services [OPTIONS] <service_tags>
Option Description
–group-mapping Comma separated group mappings from:to.
-h, –help Show built-in help documentation.
-l, –limit Comma separated list of host groups to use in this run.
-s, –skip Comma separated list of tags to skip.
–save / -n Update / save environment variables in $ANSIBLE_DATA from/to environment Git repo.
–state [present,absent,catalog,reload,stop] present - install services, absent - remove services, catalog - upload service metadata to consul catalog.
-v, –verbose Enable verbose output.
–version Version to install.


To add additional service management operations edit services.yml in environment playbook directory.


To catalog freeipa service.

athena-services --state catalog freeipa

To deploy default services (loaded from service role file).


To deploy ‘redmine’ service.

athena-services redmine

To deploy ‘redmine’ service with a specific version (2.1099) only on node ‘backofficea-073-test-dev’.

athena-services --limit backofficea-073-test-dev --version 2.1099 redmine

To remove freeipa service.

athena-services --state absent freeipa