• Start “Docker Quickstart Terminal”

  • Generate private and public key to access platform git repository

ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C "your_email@example.com"
  • Provide generated $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa.pub to a platform owner in order to enroll you.

  • Before connecting make sure that Athena client is installed and platform owner has enrolled you.

Access credentials

Obtain these files from a platform owner:

  • <Owner><ENV>.aws.id
  • <Owner><ENV>.aws.key
  • <Owner><ENV>.aws.route53.id
  • <Owner><ENV>.aws.route53.key
  • <Owner><ENV>.p12
  • <Owner><ENV>.ovpn
  • <Owner><ENV>.transcrypt

<Owner><ENV>.p12 always must be DEV environment client certificate even if used to access or provision UAT or PROD environment. For example if you are accessing TestPROD environment TestPROD.p12 file must be copy of a TestDEV.p12 file. This client certificate will be used to access Athena docker repository to fetch Athena console docker image.

Make sure $HOME/keys folder exists

mkdir -p "$HOME/keys"

and put received files in there.


  • Install VPN client and connect to environment’s VPN server

  • Make sure $HOME/git folder exists

mkdir -p "$HOME/git"
  • In $HOME/git directory git clone git@git.service.consul:<owner> For example (for owner Test):
git clone git@git.service.consul:test
  • Start Athena by running athena <owner> <environment> . For example:
athena test dev