Athena Command Line Interface (CLI) client is used by platform administrators and developers to deploy and test Athena ansible playbooks.

If you are just looking for an access to already deployed services please proceed to WAF certificate installation guide instead

  • Download and install docker toolbox (make sure to install git tools when prompted and VT-X is enabled). When installing git tools select “Checkout as-is, commit Unix style line endings” options.

  • In “Docker Quickstart Terminal” run


mkdir -p "$HOME/bin" "$HOME/athena" && rm -f "$HOME/bin/athena" && 
curl -sS -0 "" -o "$HOME/athena/" &&
chmod 700 "$HOME/athena/" && rm -f "$HOME/bin/athena" && 
ln -s "$HOME/athena/" "$HOME/bin/athena"

Mac OSX and Linux

mkdir -p "$HOME/athena" &&
curl -sS -0 "" -o "$HOME/athena/" &&
chmod 700 "$HOME/athena/" && sudo rm -f /usr/local/bin/athena && 
sudo ln -s "$HOME/athena/" /usr/local/bin/athena
  • To connect to existing Athena environment please ask platform owner to enroll you and then follow this guide to connect to environment.

  • To create new Athena environment please follow this guide.