Enterprise architecture defines which software components and services are necessary to satisfy solution business process needs and a provdes a way to build and maintain financial product lifecycle.

Solution build and delivery

With high velocity, secure and scalable delivery platform Athena rapidly delivers all necessary infrastructure, client tailored solutions and tools to build product configurations.

Delivery process is fully transparent and provides collaboration tools to keep Product Owner engaged and in control of delivery process.

High level solution and delivery enterprise architecture

Customer acquisition

Athena platform provides Marketing and Business Intelligence tools necessary to continuously monitor, improve and personalize Customer experience.

Omni-channel APIs are easy to manage and provide easy integration points for 3rd party apps, aggregators, brokers or any other omni-channels.

High level customer acquisition enterprise architecture

  • CMS - Wordpress, Typo3, Ghost and Hippo CMS content management systems to decouple content editing from a development process to allow quick content changes.
  • MAS - Mautic marketing automation software facilitates email, social marketing campaigns and tracks their performance
  • BI - SpagoBI, AWS QuickSight, Piwik and Click Heat business intelligence tools provide real time dashboards, web analytics and detailed user experience feedback information

Customer retention

Athena platform provides tools and processes to retain Customers by engaging them with relevant and personalized offers at a right time.

High level customer retention enterprise architecture

  • CRM - SuiteCRM and Salesforce customer relationship management systems organize and track relationship and communications with customers

Product lifecycle management

Athena platform makes it easy to maintain financial products in an effective, audit-able way in accordance with strict financial authority compliance rules.

High level product lifecycle enterprise architecture

  • BPM - Camunda business process management system to organize manual tasks and provide business process audit-ability
  • DMS - Logicaldoc and OpenKM document management systems provide customer documentation indexing and storage
  • Emails, Calendar, Collaboration - Google apps is a default choice for greenfield operation where there are no basic back-office capabilities available
  • BI - SpagoBI, AWS QuickSight to provide management and compliance reporting