Athena is a set of pre-integrated ansible roles and docker images which allows development teams to start new development environment in minutes. Build custom solutions and deploy these solutions in a secure, resilient and scalable environments in minutes.

If you just want to start using Athena please proceed to Getting started instead.

The idea of Athena is not to restrict but to empower. Athena is never in your way of doing things. If you want to have a different infrastructure setup or for example use different continuous integration tool it is very easy to extend Athena and make it work in a your way while you can still benefit from infrastructure setup bits and services that are useful for you.

Very often teams would compromise on not having a proper setup for development tools (not having single sign-on for development tools, having security turned off to “simplify things”), compromise on having content management system editing capability available for a general public just because it takes too long to lock things down or make scalable, compromise on not having remote backups, since it takes too long to test and set them up, etc.

Athena takes these redundant and hard to set-up system aspects out of your way and allows you to focus on building solutions rather than setting up infrastructure services and tasks.