Name : images Category : backup Type : docker Channel : community

Backups Athena docker images in local environment registry or in external registry. Backed up registry can be used as Athena PaaS registry to allow environment to run independently from Athena repository availability.


athena-backup -h <target registry host> -u <target registry username> -p <target registry password> -t [aws|private] images

Key requirements

In case if backup registry is AWS ECR:

Infrastructure requirements

  • None

Service Requirements


To use backup registry set docker_registry_host. In case if backup registry requires username and password to login set docker_login_username and docker_login_password and run:

athena-services docker-agent


  • vpc_name - Owner name, environment variable ATHENA_OWNER by default, for example: Test
  • vpc_env - Environment name, environment variable ATHENA_ENV by default, for example: DEV
  • vpc_region - In case if deploying into AWS ECR, region where AWS ECR is located, eu-west-1 by default
  • docker_images_backup_repo_from_host: hostname of source registry, by default
  • docker_images_backup_repo_to_host: hostname of target registry, can be specified in -h option, by default registry-<owner>-<env>.<platform FDQN>, for example
  • docker_images_backup_repo_to_username: target registry username, can be specified in -u option, by default not set
  • docker_images_backup_repo_to_password: target registry password, can be specified in -p option, by default not set
  • docker_images_backup_list: list of repositories in format <repository>:<tag>, for example jenkins:latest, by default all Athena images
  • docker_registry_host: docker registry to pull Athena images from, by default
  • docker_login_username: docker registry username to pull Athena images from, by default not set
  • docker_login_password: docker registry password to pull Athena images from, by default not set


Input parameters in environment specific group_vars

docker_registry_host: ""
docker_login_username: "AWS"
docker_login_password: "JGHJGkkjhjkkjhkHKHKHKHKHkhkhnkn"
  - athena-jenkins:latest
  - athena-kibana:latest
  - athena-nexus:latest
  - athena-prometheus:latest
  - athena-redmine:latest
  - athena-wordpress:latest
  - athena-keycloak:latest
  - athena-logicaldoc:latest


Athena License, Copyright by Knowledgeprice