Name : vpc Category : infrastructure Type : aws Channel : community

AWS VPC and Bastion provisioning (subnets, routing, security groups, etc.) management


athena-infrastructure vpc

Key requirements

Infrastructure requirements

  • None

Service Requirements

  • None


  • vpc_name - Owner name, environment variable ATHENA_OWNER by default, for example: Test
  • vpc_env - Environment name, environment variable ATHENA_ENV by default, for example: DEV
  • vpc_cidr - Environment CIDR first two digits (0.0/16 will be appended automatically), calculated as next available VPC CIDR by default, for example: 10.107
  • ec2_image: AWS AMI id to use for Bastion, by default ami-47a23a30
  • host_user - Bastion host user, by default ubuntu
  • ec2_instance_type_bastion - Bastion AWS EC2 instance type, by default t2.micro
  • ec2_data_volume_size - Bastion data AWS EBS volume size, by default 30
  • ec2_data_volume_iops - Bastion data AWS EBS volume iops, by default 150
  • ec2_data_volume_type - Bastion data AWS EBS volume iops type, by default io1


Input parameters in environment specific group_vars

vpc_cidr: "10.107"
ec2_data_volume_size: 30
ec2_data_volume_iops: 150
ec2_data_volume_type: io1


Athena License, Copyright by Knowledgeprice