Applies to Roles (in environments)

  • System Administrator (DEV, UAT, NFT, PROD)

SSH users can deploy Athena services. User SSH public key will be added in remote machine user $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys

Access required

  • System Administrator


For detailed information please check athena-users ssh command documentation.

athena-users [USER-OPTIONS] ssh [SSH-OPTIONS] <username> <zone>


  • <username> - User name, for example: john.smith
  • <zone> - Zone to which user will be granted access Backoffice, Internal, Bastion, Public


    • -a/--all - Add access for all zones.
    • --pub-key - User SSH public key.
    • --state <state>
      • present - default option, add user access.
      • absent - Remove user access.


  • To add user public key to platform (test) dev environment Internal (available zones are Bastion, Internal, Backoffice, Public) zone servers (key must be present in /var/ansible/data/ssh/
athena-users ssh john.smith Internal
  • To add user public key to platform (test) dev environment all zones and specify public key:
athena-users ssh --all --pub-key "ssh-gen asg97z8g9..." test.user
  • To remove user public key from platform (test) dev environment Internal
athena-users --state absent ssh john.smith Internal